Easy-to-use phone technology for local food service businesses

Whether you are a quick serve, take-out or full-service restaurant, CallJoy enables you to delight customers with a modern phone experience (you’ve already got the delicious entrees down pat).

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CallJoy Textback Example

Answer with intelligence

Does the phone at your pizzeria, coffee shop or food truck ring off the hook? You’re not alone. In fact, consumers call local restaurants more frequently than any other small business.

Increase reservations and to-go orders

Use CallJoy’s textback feature to reduce hold times by directing callers to book reservations and place to-go orders online.

Improve customer service

Get visibility into important metrics, such as call volume, the most requested dishes, your hostess’ performance and more.

Untie the phone line

Free up busy phone lines by blocking spam calls and letting the CallJoy virtual agent provide basic information, like open hours.

Online ordering made easy

CallJoy integrates with third-party reservation and delivery apps like The, so you can spend less time on the phone and more time feeding people.

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Create a friendly, streamlined phone experience for new and loyal diners alike.

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